Our app and extension are basically the interface, which gathers the data through secure connections (direct or using Open Banking Platforms) to your broker's accounts

How does it work?

World leading open banking platform
Browser extension
Provide your email address and follow the onboarding processes
Also please read more about our security framework
Authorize/ login to your broker via Plaid's popup window by clicking "Add broker" button
Grant access to InvestAllocator Inc. and define permissions (read-only is required)
Using Plaid open banking platform we are able to securely connect to your accounts data from all major US brokers. It will only allow us to see, but not to create / send management orders. To complete the step
Connect your brokers
Download Chrome extension now
For your convenience we have developed an extension to browser, which allows you to get most important account data just by clicking an extension icon (Read more)
Download our Chrome extension (optional)
View, analyse and get the insights for your strategy improvements. Provide your feedback on wishfull changes, additions and functional upgrade so that we'd be able to make a perfect app for your needs
Start using the platform