Dear investors,

InvestAllocator is a web service with a mission to simplify the investment process for DYI investors. We strive for eliminating tedious and routine actions associated with the investment process – such as accounts and portfolios aggregation/disaggregation, tracking NAV and TWR for different subsets of the total portfolio, and so on.

We want to emphasize that InvestAllocator service shouldn't be qualified as an investment advisor (in terms of Section 202(a)(11) of the Advisers Act by SEC) as we do not provide investment advice, do not make investment recommendations, do not issue financial reports or make any other investment advice explicitly or inexplicitly.

While the investment data that we provide via InvestAllocator service may assist in helping you manage your investments, you should consult with a professional investment advisor before making investment decisions or deciding on significant changes to your personal financial strategy.

By using the InvestAllocator services, you understand and acknowledge that the investment results you could obtain from investment information and financial insights provided by InvestAllocator, Inc. cannot be guaranteed. All investments entail a risk of loss and you may lose money. You also understand that all investments are subject to various market, currency, economic, political, business and other risks. Investments, particularly those in international stocks and stocks of smaller companies, present numerous risks, can be very volatile and can result in a loss of principal. International investments include risks of currency fluctuation, political and economic instability and differences in financial reporting in addition to the risks present in domestic investments. Investments in smaller companies may involve greater risks than investments in larger, more mature companies. The value of debt securities frequently is reduced (sometimes dramatically) by increases in interest rates.