How my data is secured
We encrypted your data at-rest (when it is stored at our servers) and in-transit (when we tranmit it to your web page or browser extention). This means that without your credentials for access it will be almost impossible to decipher the information.

Even breached server with a copy of a database will result with nothing.
Does InvestAllocator store account access credentials
No. We simlpy do not need them to function as we use oAuth protocol
Can InvestAllocator employees see my data?
Engineers at InvestAllocator during debugging, system maintenance or upgrade are able to access the data, BUT
  • It might happen only if a comliance team approves it
  • All personally identifiable information is hidden

So data is unmasked strictly on a need-to-know basis. Only the people who need access to improve or operate the system can unmask and access data. And when they do their routine maintenance, debugging, or servicing of the system, they're required to state the valid justification for each access session. We maintain an audit trail for all data access sessions and review them periodically. We do background checks for all employees who have access to sensitive data. If an employee ever wrongly accesses customer data through this system, they will be caught, and will face penalties upto criminal prosecution.
Does InvestAllocator sell my data?
InvestAllocator NEVER sells your data.

In case data is shared with 3rd parties (mostly for analytics), we ensure it is not sold by them either.